Energy & Automation

Embark on a transformative journey with our Energy & Automation division, where innovation converges with sustainability to redefine the future of energy solutions.

At the heart of this division, we proudly offer Electric Vehicle chargers, paving the way for a greener transportation landscape. Our Robotic Cleaning solutions for solar PV panels, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in renewable energy generation.

Our commitment in energy space extends beyond products to encompass a suite of services, we offer SaaS based solution for Energy Management wherein we start with initial analysis, which sets the baseline to obtain exhaustive knowledge of energy consumption profile. As next phase sensorization is carried out to visualize and detect possible inefficiencies, propose corrective action, and obtain results on impact in real time. Our business model revolves around prioritizing our clients’ savings. Through our open-source AI software, Submeter 4.0, we enhance and manage process-unit energy demand with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence tools, skilled programmers, and dedicated Specialized Support Units.

Some features of Submeter 4.0. include Energy Monitoring, Optimization, Energy Cost Management, C02 Emissions Monitoring, Benchmarking of Multiple Facilities, Benchmarking of Machinery, Compatibility with Other Systems, Energy Load Optimization, Predictive Analytics, Alerts and Notifications, Reports and Analytics etc. Once the analysis has been carried out, we design, implement, and follow customized saving models as per customer installation.

Power quality is vital for stable electrical networks. Regular audits identify and fix issues, preventing equipment failures and downtime. These audits optimize energy efficiency and ensure reliable network performance. We conduct comprehensive Power Quality audit followed by detailed report with recommendations.

We also provide engineering support for protection relay configuration and testing for all leading manufacturers, CRP testing, scheme testing and integration to SCADA for HV substation. We can conduct MV switchgear testing and commission, CT/PT testing using analysers.

For LV busways our service includes site measurement, drawing preparation, material take-off and supervision of installation.